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In accordance with good corporate governance and being proudly South African, the Recreation Africa group actively supports a number of projects.

Numerous artists have been supported over the years, and their artworks can be seen throughout our properties.   However, we are proud to support the work of a master artist, Adam Madebe, who for the last 12 years has been commissioned to produce numerous works.   The Recreation Africa group also donated two artworks to Mogale City:  one is a statue of Kgosi Mogale which stands outside the city hall in Krugersdorp, and the other is a mining statue which is also situated at the municipal offices.   Works by Adam Madebe include a life-size bronze elephant at Kedar, and the Hall of Kings at the Carnivore restaurant (I suggest that we do a page or two on Adam and all of his artworks).

The Recreation Africa group and Kedar Country Hotel are custodians of the Kruger House museum, adjacent to Kedar.  The group has spent a considerable amount on the restoration and maintenance of this wonderful piece of heritage, as well as securing historic memorabilia and documents from the Anglo Boer War era.   Much of the memorabilia is built into the Kedar Hotel and the group has an active campaign to continue collecting and preserving vital pieces from that time.   An Anglo Boer War monument has been erected at the entrance to Kedar, commemorating the history and the sacrifice on both sides.

The Recreation Africa group is actively involved in wetland rehabilitation at the farm Boekenhoutfontein in the North-west Province.   The results so far have been amazing.   The group is also involved in a pygmy hippo breeding programme which is co-sponsored by   We have a real commitment to wildlife and its sustainable use.  This we promote through breeding programmes, as well as the Carnivore Gourmet Meat company which specialises in the use of game meat.   We are actively involved in the planting and propagating indigenous trees.   We have a "Miracle Tree" project.  The group has a firm commitment to recycling and composting.   Where possible we have recycled buildings and we use local materials to lessen carbon footprint.  We also make use of invasive trees to make furniture and to build with.   The group has launched its own organic farming programme - the produce will be used in our hotels and restaurants, as well as to feed our own animals.   We produce free range cattle and sheep, and have a piggery.   We are also currently working on a programme to produce our own Tilapia (indigenous table fish).

Misty Hills was visited by members of the Greening Hotels in South Africa project, and this is what they had to say about our efforts -

From Carolina de Figueiredo, member of the Greening Hotels in South Africa project:

“I recently visited Misty Hills Country Hotel as part of a 'Greening Hotels in South Africa' project, funded by the UK Department of Environmental Affairs, to assess the efforts they making towards becoming a more sustainable and green accommodation, and to suggest where improvements can be made and new interventions brought in.

During my visit to Misty Hills, I was able to walk through the whole property, viewing both the exterior, grounds and interior of the property.

The efforts Misty Hills is showing towards becoming more 'green' are commendable. For example, sourcing 50% of their water from their own dam, efficient use of lighting and energy throughout the property, reduction of plastic bottles, green towel and linen change programmes, grey water re-use and use of mostly indigenous plants throughout the property.

Besides what they are already undertaking, my visit demonstrated that they are always looking to improve and are on the right path to continual greening.”

We have a woodwork factory and make our own furniture.   We also have a metal workshop.   We use our own construction team.

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